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Hoax Slayer is website that aims to expose scams and common internet hoaxes including bogus warnings, email chain letters, phishing emails, charity giveaways, celebrity death news and other type of hoaxes which are hard to verify on the spot.

So whenever you receive an email and heard about something that you aren’t not sure about make sure to visit the website and see if it’s been reported by someone earlier. If it’s popular you’re likely to find it on that website, you may then view its hoax status (true/false) and read more details.

expose scams


  • Verify popular Internet hoaxes and expose scams:¬†email chain letters, fake charity runs, celebrity death news and others.
  • Search for scam emails or browse by categories.
  • Verify the hoax status (true/false) and read the detailed commentary

Check out Hoax Slayer @

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