HoaxCall: Have Fun Making Prank Calls From Your Computer

Hoaxcall is an online prank call maker that pranksters were waiting for. It lets you make calls to any number in the US, Canada or UK right from your browser through VoIP and then make a prank call by playing back prerecorded audio clips based on 3 different prank call scenarios.

The current 3 scenarios are ‘ The Annoying eBay Buyer ‘, ‘ You’re on Air! ‘ and ‘ Yeah, Who’s This Then? ‘. An easy-to-use prank call making tool !

hoaxcall   HoaxCall: Have Fun Making Prank Calls From Your Computer

The site has tried to avoid its potential misuse by allowing to play only pre-recorded clips during a call and also by blocking the phone number for 21 days, once a prank call is made to it, so that the person on the other side isn’t tricked again by someone else through this site for a long period of time.

Check out Hoaxcall @ www.hoaxcall.com

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wher do you click to make the call

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greta louise rabon

hello! i tried typing in the .com address and that crap is so frikin slow…the person that sed they were gonna call the police needs to go away. thats a person that needs a lifee:D

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Nicole Faydo

Call me and tell me how to do it, or get call me! 701-838-2633