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We live in a world where we share everything. We post what we are doing with Twitter, where we are with Foursquare and what is entertaining us with Glue. This is fine, if you want everyone to know every detail of your life, but what if you want a way to take control over what you share with certain people? That is where Hmmm comes in.

It is an app that allows you to create different “avatars” that only share things with certain groups of people on Facebook.


Before you can make use of this app, you will need to set up friend groups on Facebook. This is how the app is able to control who sees what you share. Once you have those all set, you will need to create an avatar for the group. The app recommends using a name that reflects the way that group knows you, such as a nickname or a shortened version of your full name.


Sharing in the app is done in a simple and elegant way. You pick from one of the five types of things you want to share and follow the provided steps to fill in the information. The categories are activity, emotions, place, music and photo. It is a very clean way to control who you share your personal matters with.



  • Share with certain groups of people based on your avatar.
  • Makes sharing quick and easy with structured posts.
  • Share photos, music, places, emotions and activities.
  • Free application.
  • Share with friends in app or on Facebook.
  • Works with Facebook groups to categorize friends.

Find Hmmm on the iTunes App Store

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