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When it comes to task managers, the internet offers numerous solutions. But most websites do not offer the user-friendliness that you require. Here to provide you with a task management solution via an intuitive interface is a web service called Hiveminder.


Hiveminder is a wonderful web service that lets you easily manage your tasks online. You can quickly add tasks to your schedule by entering them in a special format. While entering the task you can specify its name, tags, due data, and even group. Once the tags have been entered in your list, you can add further information such as comments or tasks that need to be completed beforehand. Your task lists can be searched, printed, and even exported to plain text files. All of these features come with the free package Hiveminder offers; with its Pro version you get advanced features such updating tasks offline through IMAP, task reports, storing documents online, and assigning tasks to friends.


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