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Students know the drill of going over to the bookstore every semester and trying to sell old textbooks for pennies. That practice is now being replaced by selling books online but with tons of websites for that, how do you know which website will pay the most?

HitCampus is a tool that compares a number of different websites and tell you how much each of them would offer for your book. No need to confuse yourself with titles either, just enter the ISBN of the book and see who will pay the most. If you like a price, simply click on it to go to the actual website and sell your book.  The title of the book along with a cover page image is also displayed so you can be sure you are referring to the right book.

sell old textbooks


  • Sell your textbooks online.
  • Compare prices from different online vendors.
  • Search by ISBN.
  • No registration required.

Visit HitCampus @

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