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Your favorite Admin is back with another tip that helps me out while I am managing my plethora of daily emails.

Sometimes I am mobile and I need to follow up on an email later. I can send it back to myself so it’s unread or add a reminder. When I am at my desktop I use flags to follow up but they are unavailable on my mobile.

I want an automatic solution and here is what I use. [NO LONGER WORKS] Hit Me Later is a web site that allows you to forward messages to them with a number or day of the week as the email address and they will re-send you that message according to your variable.

For example if I’ve just read a message about a meeting on Monday that I need to prepare for, I just need to forward that message to and sure enough first thing Monday morning it will be sitting there at the top of my inbox staring me in my procrastinating face.

Or if I need to follow up on something later in the day I can forward a message to and in 2 hours BAM here comes that email! You can increase that number 2 all the way up to 1000.

My favorite part of HitMeLater is not the slang they use in their URL (although it is welcomed around my way in Brooklyn), it is the NO REGISTRATION NEEDED! I love that!


So all you need to get started is….well….Um….nothing. Except an email address to send and receive to.

So from the above example you can see I am forwarding a Google Alert to This is a action item I need to follow up on. I say ‘Action Item’ and that means it usually gets trashed and not followed up on…

So this will make sure I see it again on Monday. You can also use any other day of the week and it will send you that message on the next day of the week you specified. But if you send it on say a Friday to it will come through next Friday and not the same day.

Do you have another way of doing this? We want to know in the comments!

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