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They say every picture has a story behind it. Why not share your picture and your story with the world? HistoryPin is a tool that encourages people to do exactly that using Google Maps and Google Street View. Just pull out an old image from your hard drive and pin it to the exact location where it was taken. Then, write a story describing that picture and that moment.

Anybody can pin photos to HistoryPin and search for photos by entering a geographical location. You can also drag the timeline to see pictures of a particular place from a particular time in history. While viewing a photo, HistoryPin also displays photos of nearby locations along with the year they were captured.

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Watch introduction video below:


  • Share your photos by pinning them to Google Street View.
  • Write a story describing the photo and its importance.
  • Search for photos by location or keyword.
  • Select a year/decade to view photos from that time period.
  • View photos of nearby locations.
  • Similar sites: SepiaTown.

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