HistoryEraser: Easily Clean Up Android Phone History

Deleting history on browsers is easy. Just 2-3 clicks and you are done. Doing that on a cellphone, even on the advanced smartphones like iPhone and Android, isn’t that straightforward. HistoryEraser is a cool app¬† that can help users clean up Android Phone history¬†(browsing history, call history, contacts history) and many other such unnecessary items in one click. The app is free to use and has an easy to understand user interface.

historyeraser1   HistoryEraser: Easily Clean Up Android Phone History

historyeraser2   HistoryEraser: Easily Clean Up Android Phone History

As you see in the second screenshot above, the app points out specific history data that you might want to erase. Be it the Google search history, maps history or YouTube search history, you can get rid of them in one click. Quick and easy.


  • Clean history on your Android phone
  • Easy to use. Erases history in one click
  • Gives you the option to delete specific histories
  • Options include browsing history, call history, cleaning up contacts and more

Check out HistoryEraser @ www.appbrain.com/app/historyeraser/jp.androdev.historyeraser

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