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I’m a big fan of history. A lot of my ‘online time’ is spent reading archaeological articles and the latest discoveries in the field. Today I’ve got a great educational website for History to share with you all: the site is the History Channel’s own

educational website for history, with its fitting name, is the perfect online spot for history lovers. On the site you will find the historical importance of today, articles on the latest archaeological breakthroughs, videos of interest, and even online games that are related to history. A slideshow on the homepage showcases the features content in a jiffy; from the slideshow I learned that Egypt might have had a female pharaoh at some point in time!

best website for history

The site also contains the programming schedule for The History Chanel. has now become my daily must-visit bookmark. If you are a history enthusiast like me pay the site a visit and catch all the great content it has to offer.


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