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The web browsers you use to the surf the internet always keep a browsing history to help you trace back to the pages you visited, in case you wanted to. But sometimes finding those pages is not that easy, despite the different sorting and searching options provided by modern web browsers. In such a case, you will find an app called “History Map Free” to be very helpful.

map browsing history

History Map Free is a browser extension that is compatible with the Google Chrome web browser. The extension adds a new icon to your browser’s address bar. Clicking on the icon displays a map of your open Google Chrome Windows and their tabs. The map basically shows the history of your visited pages on these tabs which make it easy to see which pages you were on and in what order.

history map free


  • A user-friendly browser extension
  • Compatible with Google Chrome
  • Shows a map of pages you visited
  • Covers open tabs in open Chrome Windows

Check out History Map Free @ 


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