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Clearing the history of your web browser ensures your privacy as well as helping your browser’s performance. But for various reasons, there are a few things you will want to keep in your browser’s history.

For example you might want a site’s name to appear after you have typed its first few letters. Therefore you need more control over clearing your browser’s history. This is provided by History Deleter.

browser history deletion

History Deleter is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 till 3.6.*. The add-on lets you set rules for history deletion. You can delete history items by specifying a word/phrase or a date. For example, if you want sites including the word “smartoys” removed, you simply add this rule in the add-on’s preferences.

Additionally you can make the deletion depend on whether or not the webpage is dead and how long ago your last visit to it was. You can have the add-on clear the history by clicking a button or having it do so automatically after recording a certain number of history entries.

In this way, this simple add-on provides more control over browser history deletion – a feature that all users will surely appreciate.



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