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There are many Mac computer owners who have already loaded the developer view of Mac OS X 10.8 onto their computer. If you are one of these Mac computer owners, then you have already explored the Notification Center and all that it has to offer. But apart from notifications of basic apps, if you required any notifications from the apps you had been using previously, you must have opened up Growl since they deliver their notifications through Growl.

The switching between Notification Center and Growl is simply not a convenient way to go about receiving app notifications. Here to help you get rid of this inconvenience by integrating Growl notifications into the Mac Notification Center is a tool called Hiss.

growl notifications mac

Hiss is a free to use desktop application that, as mentioned above, provides you with a way to receive notifications from your Growl compatible apps in your Mac Notification Center. Currently the app is in beta and after you install it, you might get a notification to quit Growl for the app to function properly, even though the app will actually work fine with Growl running in the background.

You can get Hiss by visiting its website and download the ZIP archive that it comes compressed in, at a size of nearly 2 MB.




  • A user friendly desktop application.
  • Compatible with computers running Mac OS.
  • Sends Growl notifications to your Notification Center interface.
  • Saves time by eliminating need to switch between Growl and Notification Center.

Check out Hiss @

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