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Hipstamatic The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Hipstamatic The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Hipstamatic The iPhone photography app Hipstamatic can be a little overwhelming at first, trying to understand how all the different combinations work and what kind of effects you can create using the app. When you first... Read More users, it’s high time that you take off your thick-rimmed glasses and finally buy a razor. The popular photo tool’s developers announced on Wednesday its new standalone iOS social networking app: Oggl.

Oggl is a way for users to share their very best creative photos with the world, and upon closer inspection, it’s the natural evolution of Hipstamatic. In addition to serving as a social networking platform, the app allows users to capture images and add interesting filters just like its predecessor. However, the price tag for the app is better than the company’s maiden voyage — it’s free.

As expected, Oggl does things a bit differently than the original. For instance, the developers have rebranded its filters as “situational filters”. That is, they believe every situation in life calls for its own type of filter. Rather than flipping through different image treatments to find the coolest one, Oggl’s developers encourage users to apply filters based on the circumstances that the snapshot was taken in. These include landscapes, portraits, nightlife, food, and sunsets.

Also carried over from Hipstamatic are lenses, and users can even transfer their lenses from the original app to the new one. Included with the free download are five lenses and different types of filters. However, for $0.99 a month, users can have access to all of Oggl’s lenses and filters.

As a note, Oggl also offers the ability to modify all filters before and after an image is taken, and photos can be uploaded instantly for others to see. The app’s developers have also included a Curated Editorial Feed that displays the best pictures shared using the app.


Oggl is starting as an invitation-only service, but you can request an invite on the website.

Will you install Oggl on your iPhone? Do you think it stands a chance against Instagram?

Source: TheNextWeb

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