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Although Chrome has a built-in feature that quickly lets you search for highlighted text, at times it does not get the whole job done. What if you do not want to search exactly the highlighted text but a variation of it? If so, then try out Highlight to Search.

search for highlighted text

Highlight to Search is a wonderful browser extension for Google Chrome that makes it easier to search text after highlighting it. With the extension installed, once you highlight a selection of text, a magnifying glass icon appears. Clicking on this icon produces a mini- Google search bar that has an auto-completing feature.

Using this search bar you can either search the exact text as it is or go for a variation of it, as displayed in the screenshot above.


Check out “Highlight to Search” @

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  1. Paul G.
    November 5, 2010 at 12:23 am

    Another similar extension is Hyperwords

    It also offers other helpful fonctions beyond search