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web highlighterHave you ever cut out a newspaper article or ripped a story out of a magazine because you thought of the perfect person that needed to see it or could use that information in some way? Okay, maybe this was a while ago, like back when you used to read newspapers and magazines, but surely you remember such a time. If the story you cut or ripped out was a long one, maybe you took a highlighter to the piece and cut it down to a shorter read for the person you had in mind.

Did you know you could do this on the web? Back in April, Saikat showed us all two awesome apps called Citebite and Awesome Highlighter in his article, How To Link To A Specific Part Of A Webpage & Share It How To Link To A Specific Part Of A Webpage & Share It How To Link To A Specific Part Of A Webpage & Share It What if you wanted to send someone a specific part or line of a webpage (instead of the entire page) as a link? A click on the link should then take the receiver directly to... Read More . If you’re a Google Chrome user however, I have another great tool for you in the form of a very handy browser extension.

What Is Yellow Highlighter Pen For Web?

Yellow Highlighter Pen for Web is a Chrome extension that allows you to select all the important text on a particular webpage and highlight it using different colors.

web highlighter

When you install the extension, you will see a little yellow web highlighter pen button up near the rest of your icons next to your search bar. To use Yellow Highlighter Pen for Web, just click the button when you’re on a webpage and your mouse arrow will turn yellow, letting you know that the extension has been activated.

web highlight color


Next, you can start highlighting. As you select text on the page, a small color palette will pop up allowing you to select different colors to highlight your text. This is extremely useful for separating sections, categories, or even thoughts if your goal is to walk someone through something. The default, of course, is yellow.

web highlighter

Once you’re highlighting, another small popup will appear giving you a URL for your newly altered page. When you’re finished, you can share this URL with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, via email, instant message, or anywhere else you please. If the popup happens to be in your way, you can simply drag it to the other side of the screen.

If you need to remove any of the highlighting you’ve created, just hover your mouse over it and wait for the color palette to appear. Click the small red cross on the left of the palette and the highlight will be removed.

If you’re a blogger or website owner, you can also visit Yellow Highlighter Pen for Web’s website to get a web highlighter widget for your site. This will allow your visitors to highlight text right on your pages even if they don’t have the Chrome extension installed.


This tool is really handy for sharing articles with others and actually getting them to read them. I think one of the biggest barriers when trying to get someone to see something the way you saw it is pointing out the key sentences in a story that support your point of view. You can also use an extension like this for study purposes, which is much better than printing a couple hundred pages and highlighting them all manually.

Any thoughts on this type of utility?  Really useful or a waste of time?  Let us know in the comments!

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