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There are many services which aggregate your social profiles on one page and publish your lifestream online, the most prominent among them being Friendfeed. However, Hi, I’m aims to simplify, both the process and the interface. It creates a neat social landing page for you featuring your short introduction, links to your social network profiles, a highlights tab which has the link to important tweets, videos or posts and snippets of content from major networks in a grid view. Your social page can be found at

one stop social networking


  • Quickly create your one-stop social profile page.
  • Add an introduction and links to your social profiles.
  • Content displayed from various networks on one page in grid view.
  • Your own url at
  • Similar sites: Zooity, UnHub, SocialURL and ProfileFly.

Check out Hi, I’m @

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  1. HamalSharatan
    September 6, 2009 at 10:19 am

    That looks like a useful site. MSN and Yahoo are doing something similar, the latter being of special interest since updates from your social networks appear on your email inbox. I haven't seen something similar from Google yet, but I am sure they are working on something to try to up the other two.