HerpDerp: Replaces YouTube Comments With “Herp Derp”

Most of the YouTube videos have its share of stupid, hateful or simply annoying comments posted under the video. So if you love watching YouTube videos but hate some or most of the comments, now you can tune out all that noise thanks to a handy browser add-on called Herp Derp. It replaces all the comments posted under a YouTube video with phrase “herp derp”. If, for some reason, you still decide to view a particular comment, simply click on it and it will show the original.

It works with all the modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Install the add-on in your favorite browser with a single click from their website.

113   HerpDerp: Replaces YouTube Comments With Herp Derp

22   HerpDerp: Replaces YouTube Comments With Herp Derp


  • Replaces YouTube comments with phrase “herp derp”
  • Click on a comment to view the original
  • Supports all the modern browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera
  • Direct install links available on the website
  • Free, browser add-on

Check out HerpDerp @ www.tannr.com/herp-derp-youtube-comments 

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now how exactly is this useful to a user? seeing herp derp in the comments seems to be even more annoying! It would have been better if the addon removed the comments completely and kept only the good ones. (which unfortunately maybe is not possible)

Saikat Basu

Add-ons aren’t that intelligent, though we wish them to be :)