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**Updated November 16, 2016**

If you’ve clicked to read this article, then you’re probably one of those people who visits MakeUseOf frequently, and you’ve come to know what the site is all about.

You know that we are a bit different than your typical tech site. We explain things to people — from complex programs and Arduino projects to tips and tweaks for your Android or iOS device. We do it all in a way that is easy to understand, and will hopefully enhance the life of the reader in some way.

So what does this have to do with you?

Me — A MakeUseOf Author? Yes!

Have you always been told that you have a natural gift for explaining complex technical jargon to people? Do people tell you that you are a wonderful writer? If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, you may have found a home writing for MakeUseOf.

And the coolest part? You can write articles from anywhere, even your favorite cafe. Sure beats being stuck in a cubicle all day, doesn’t it?


If you’re getting excited about the prospect of writing for MakeUseOf, let me share a few things about the experience, so that you know it’s really for you. Then, I’ll describe the kind of person who writes for MakeUseOf, so that you know whether or not you’re really a good fit. Finally, I’ll share a little bit about the rewards that you’ll get for your efforts.

What Writing for MakeUseOf Is Like

If you think online writing is an easy job, you may want to close this article now. It isn’t. It’s tough work — it requires research, attention to detail, and plenty of revising and editing. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun, it just means that it’s a job only true writers love to do.

So how do you know if it’s for you? Well, here are all of the reasons you might love writing for MakeUseOf:

  • You get to work with editors who want to help you publish your best writing
  • You get to have your tech prowess witnessed and read by a potential audience of over 800,000 people a day
  • You’ll have a managing editor who will work to motivate and drive you to constantly improve yourself
  • You can take part in internal contests and discussions with the small, tight-knit MakeUseOf writer community
  • You get to go to bed every night, peacefully aware that you’ve helped people improve their lives with technology

So how do you know if you’re the kind of tech geek that we’re looking for?


Well, deep down, I bet you already know. You live, eat, and breathe technology. You love helping people learn more about new technologies that can enhance their lives. The only question to ask yourself is if the kind of place described above is a place you’d like to be a part of.

What MakeUseOf Writers are Like

What kind of writer do we hire at MakeUseOf?

MakeUseOf writers:

  • Read about technology, talk about technology and write about technology
  • Are happiest when they’re helping someone learn how to do something new
  • Are dedicated to the craft of writing and are very good at it
  • Are experts at explaining complicated things in simple terms that nearly anyone can understand
  • Are polite, friendly, and have a great sense of humor

When you join the MakeUseOf team, if you have all of the qualities above, you’ll feel like you’ve found a new home. Everyone on our writing team has the qualities above. Most of us are even really good-looking. I mean, check out this guy.


No really, most of us are relatively normal.

The Great Rewards of Writing for MakeUseOf

So, what do you get when you write for MakeUseOf? Of course you get paid, but there’s more to working than just getting paid – you have to really love what you’re doing, and at MakeUseOf we make it easy to love what you do.  Here are just a few of the perks of writing for us.

  • You will work closely with professional editors who will help you to improve your writing
  • You will initially be paid $90 for every full-length article. The longer you write for us, the higher your pay will go.
  • Amazing authors get early promotions.
  • You’ll get cash bonuses for writing superb stuff
  • You may win Amazon gift card bonuses for standing out
  • You may win prizes for internal contests
  • You’ll always have a crew of friendly people to chat with on Slack during the day

Are you a skilled and experienced author who’s ready to take your passion for technology to the next level? If so, reach out to us now and join our team.

Writers We Need

While we’re interested in any tech writer who enjoys writing, we’re especially seeking authors who have a lots of experience with Linux, Tech Explained, MacBrowsers, and Smart Home.

I’m Interested! What Do I Do?

To apply for a writing position, send me email at with your desired job position (e.g. Linux writer, Smart Home writer, etc.). Tell me about yourself: your passion for technology, your writing experience, your hobbies, what gadgets you own, etc. The more details you share with me, the better your chances are of getting hired. If you’re an established writer, please link to any published works online. I look forward to hearing from you!

Image Credits: Girls hands over laptop by Katsiaryna Pakhomava via Shutterstock, lassedesignen via Shutterstock

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