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flightHeadDo you fly on a regular basis? If you do chances are you know how much it SUCKS when your flight is delayed. And more likely than not your flight’s status will not be marked as delayed until a few minutes before the plane was scheduled to land or arrive.

This severely limits your abilities to change your plans or make an educated decision on how you want to handle things.

When I am flying, it’s mostly for work and I need to be where I need to be when they need me there – dig? So a tool like FlightCaster is invaluable to me. You can check it out by going to


Once you are there you can search for your specific flight number or for a specific route. The best part about FlightCaster is that they make flight delay predictions based on scientific data. It works on the notion that if flights before your flight are delayed that will trickle down to you. They also have access to past problems and other information that let them create algorithms that magically tell them if the flight is going to be delayed or not.

According to their blog, flights are delayed all the time. Check out this data:


June Stats

Some informative (or at least interesting) stats on airport flight delays for June 2009.

Raw data from the Department of Transportation (crunched by FlightCaster):

-Most delayed flights (everyday flights, in average time late):

1) American Eagle 4823, Boston – New York LaGuardia

2) Delta 147, Newark – Atlanta

3) Comair (Delta Express) 6662, Charlotte – JFK

4) Mesa (United Express) 7281, Washington Dulles – Austin

5) Jetblue 547, Newark – West Palm Beach

-Least delayed major route: Las Vegas to Kansas City (averaged 2 minutes late all month)

-Most delayed major route: Miami to JFK, averaged 48 minutes late in June

Pretty mind blowing huh? Let’s see how FlightCaster works and how it can help learn what the FAA doesn’t want you to know!

Go ahead and type in a flight number and airline and you will get a page that looks similar to this (hopefully you won’t see red!)


There will be a big red or green box announcing if your plane will or will not be delayed.  Then they go on to give you the percentages of what will happen. Awesome for a betting man! (Does that make anyone else think of that episode of Friends?)

Below that will be the mitigating factors in the answer. You can see the break down below. They are Other delays, airport status for departure and arriving airports, official airline status, departing weather and arriving weather.


And now lets check on my friend’s flight today”¦


Awesome it seems that there is an 85% chance it will be on time! Woot.

You might be also interested in Top 5 Airline Flight Tracking Websites Top 5 Airline Flight Tracking Websites Top 5 Airline Flight Tracking Websites Read More that Dave covered earlier. There are also a few similar websites listed under flights section on MakeUseOf Directory.

How do your keep up with airport flight delays? When your flight is delayed what do you do? Wait or reschedule? Let us know in the comments!

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