Microsoft Introduces Office App For The iPhone – But No iPad App [Updates]

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No, it isn’t April Fools Day, and no Steve Ballmer hasn’t gone totally insane and switched to the Dark Side Of The Net. ¬†Microsoft really has introduced an iOS app for Office, but there’s a catch – to use it, you need a paid Office 365 subscription. ¬†Now there’s the Microsoft we all know and love – the money-obsessed company that would cough up a lung if they were asked to give away something free.

Now, before you Office 365 subscribers & iPhone users go happily hippity-hoppity over to iTunes to download the new app, there are two other caveats.  Firstly, it is currently restricted to the United States (although there are ways around that), and secondly there is not yet a version for the iPad.  Assuming you are an American-based iPhone user and Office 365 subscriber, then you are cleared for take-off.  The rest of you Рboo hoo and life sucks.

According to The Verge, the app has support for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. ¬†For Word and Excel, you can both view files and create new ones. ¬†But with Powerpoint, it’s only possible to view existing files only, no creating.

The one question I am asking – and I am sure many of you are also asking the same thing – if Google Drive allows you to access and create documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Microsoft Office format…why do we need this exactly? Bearing this in mind, you might want to rethink your paid Office 365 subscriber-only policy, Microsoft. ¬†Otherwise this app is going to sink faster than a submarine with the hatch left open.

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Will you be using Microsoft Office on your iPhone? Are you looking forward to the iPad version? Why / Why not?

Source: The Verge

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Poor Microsoft, making bad choices…
First the Xbox, then this, what’s next? Windows will need a subscription and internet access?



This post is unbelievable. You bash Microsoft for wanting to make money. Apple is the greediest company known to man..

Mark O’Neill

Microsoft and Apple are as bad as each other, in my opinion. Making money is good but giving away a few free apps every now and then wouldn’t hurt.

For example, giving this iOS app away for free to regular MS Office users (such as myself) would instantly entice me away from Google Docs and back to using MS Office again. Wouldn’t that be a win-win for Microsoft? A poke in the eye to Google and regaining a loyal user?


Stole the words right out of my mouth!

Mark O’Neill

So you don’t think Microsoft is equally greedy? With Windows coming pre-packaged onto every PC and everyone initially being forced to use MS Office, I don’t think Microsoft can sit on their perch and act holier-than-thou when it comes to money making….

A guy

The reason for that is because only Apple makes computers with Mac OS X on them, and most people aren’t advanced enough for Linux. MS Office isn’t the only one suite. There’s of course, Google Docs, and then LibreOffice.


Seriously? Apple is the greediest company? Although they, like everyone else, want to make money, consider that their latest OS cost $20, while Microsoft’s costs $250 for a Pro version of anything.

I’m saddened that you probably just made that stupid comment, and don’t plan to come back and read your responses as the “Null” indicates. What a ridiculous statement to make.



well,the app is ok but it is a bit weird for me to have a subscription to use office apps…



As not being a Office 365 subscriber I can not use it. If it had been a ordinary paid app I might have consider to buy it

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