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Helipad is a very flexible web notepad that makes it easy to create notes and organize them using tags. These tags can also be color-coded for easier search. You can also maintain to-do lists using Helipad. It has a simple user interface and also features auto-save and live search on every page. Themes and plugins make it highly customizable. It also lets you print and share your notes.

Helipad works great with iPhone, PS3, PSP and Wii. Hence, make notes from your mobile anytime as well as from some of your games consoles.

web notepad

Features :

  • Easy to use web notepad replacement.
  • Allows tagging for easy locating.
  • Maintain to-do lists.
  • Has useful features like auto-save and live search.
  • Customizable due to themes and plugins.
  • Lets you print and share notes.
  • Also works with iPhone and some gaming consoles.
  • Similar websites: Yanobs, JottIt and several more.

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