Heal Your Funny Bone: YouTube Comedy Week Starts On May 19th [Updates]

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If the heat gets too bothersome this summer, or if winter just refuses to leave, head indoors to relax with a laugh. YouTube Comedy Week is coming to a browser near you on May 19 and will last until May 25. The week long special event will see some of the biggest names in comedy showcasing their jokes and wisecracks in a never-ending stream of stand-up, sketches, and musical performances.

Comedy fans will get a full dose from names like Seth Rogen, Vince Vaughn, Norm Macdonald, The Gregory Brothers, The Onion, CollegeHumor, Epic Meal Time, Funny or Die, to name just a few. Expect to see big names from all over, along with YouTube’s “in-house” faces such as Epic Meal Time and Ryan Higa.

The special event is the first of its kind on YouTube. Though most of the artists above have YouTube channels to their name, Comedy Week will be a global live stream beginning with a special pre-show at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET on May 19. This will be followed by a week of dedicated programming, including live performances, new episodes from popular YouTube comedy channels, curated top ten lists from comedy stars, and more.

YouTube Comedy Week seems to be another push for original programming content on Google’s part. Humor is easiest to sell, so expect this to be a launching pad for many more such future programs

Will you tune in to YouTube’s Comedy Week?

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Scott M

This should be great.I attend the Just For Laughs Festival In Montreal with a week of non stop comedy from the very best in the world.Youtube has matured so very much and the quality of comedy available is outstanding.This is a wonderful idea.I hope that there is a good selection process and all goes well.I’d like to see more presentations such as this.Youtube has an such an extremely large depository of shorts and are in a position of creating truly unique and never before seen collection and theme presentations.I think the individual who came up with the idea should receive a bonus!!!


Dave Parrack

This is definitely going to be just the first in a line of such events. YouTube is trying to prove it can compete with the networks in the years to come.

Saikat Basu

Well, it has 100 million dollars to play around with (just for starters) as it aggressively follows its original programming strategy!


Victor Ong

Hopefully they can pull this off without too much rowdy content.

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