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If you are a heavy multi-tasker on the desktop, there will be times where having too many windows hinders your focus on that one app that you need to get your critical task done. Fortunately, a Mac app called Hazeover helps you stay focused only on the active window by dimming all your inactive windows.

dim inactive windows

Once HazeOver is installed, the app sits in the background and appears only in the status bar. You can set the dimming intensity of your choice and choose to run it at startup. This app also works well with virtual desktops in Spaces and Expose so you can have several windows open but still allow yourself to focus on the active window if need be.

While Hazeover is not for everyone, it works well for those who need to sit down and focus on getting work done; especially if you can’t help peeking to your IM’s and email browser windows. Just having this on will make you feel that you are working on one task at a time rather than messing around with window overload.


  • Available in Mac App Store.
  • Dim inactive windows.
  • Set dimming intensity.
  • Open at startup.
  • Great as a focus-booster.

Check out Hazeover @


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