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This service can be a lot of fun, Flashface offers intresting face DIY application. I stumbled upon this service while browsing the web. I decided to write about it, because of the accuracy and options that allow you to create people’s faces. It’s very similar to real ones. See the image above.

Actuall, similar software is utilised by police forces to create photorobots of suspects according to witness testimony. There are some more aplications like this one available on the web but in my opinion none as good as this one. To be able to use something like this online for free is fun.

It seems that the service is still under development but I hope they will come up with more featres like coloring, 3D, letting users to save picture on their PC, sharing etc. I wrote an email to Autor: Max Ishchenko to get more info about the project. Will be keep you up to date on this.

To use this application you do not have to sign in, just go to their webpage and start using it. It offers friendly and easy to navigate user interface.

What can you do with current Flashfase?

  • Create and Save pictures on Flashface.
  • Search and Browse through pictures created by other users.
  • Print the pictures you like.

Overal, it’s a fun tool.

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