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How To Automate Repetitive Tasks on PC with DoItAgain doHeadI wear many hats throughout the day and have lots and lots of repetitive tasks that I do. Photoshop has it’s own built in macro maker (or keyboard and mouse recorder and playback if you will). So for years, I have been recording macros and playing them back to do the same task over and over such as resizing a group of images for the web. I simply show it my actions and when I play it back it can do the same thing repeatedly. This helps me so I can walk away from my computer and do other things. I always said it would be great to have this ability to automate repetitive tasks inside windows so I can use it with any application or several applications at the same time.

Start off by visiting this site and download DoItAgain for Windows XP, Vista or even Windows Seven. Once you download the MSI installer, run it and let it do its thing. When your installation is complete, go ahead and launch the program.

You will see a screen that looks like the one I am showing below. Go ahead and hit that Create a New Task button to -““ Create a new task. This is how you will teach the application to automate repetitive tasks.

automate repetitive tasks on windows

Once you hit the magic button, everything you will do will be recorded.

So for instance, every day I need to open Firefox, browse over to my MakeUseOf wiki page to check what is going on for the day. So I created a task for it. I hit the button, opened Firefox, browsed to my page, logged in and then clicked on the link I needed to click on. Then I hit the Scroll Lock key to finish it off. Then you name your action.

I named mine “Open MakeUseOf Wiki’. Then it appears in your list of tasks. You can see mine below.


automate repetitive tasks

To execute the task, simply double-click on it in your list. It will wait a few seconds and then magically the task you created will play out. I was amazed.

automate repetitive tasks

So next up, I created a task to backup my computer. I started recording and then I hit the start menu typed in “ntbackup”, hit Enter and followed the wizards prompts to backup my documents. When I was done, I had this:

dealing with repetitive tasks

Double clicking on my backup task does this:

dealing with repetitive tasks on pc

The possibilities are endless and only limited by your own imagination and need. They do say necessity is the mother of all inventions!

Let’s take a look at the programs options:

dealing with repetitive tasks

See the set pause time length? That will make your tasks start without a pause or less of a pause. You can play with them and set it up optimally for your machine and tasks. Whereas I changed the end key to the actual End key instead of Scroll Lock.

We would love to hear what you created with DoItAgain or another free Macro Maker. Please let us in on your macro magic so we can all benefit! Hit us up in the comments.

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  1. Utsav
    January 6, 2015 at 10:36 am

    i have just installed do it again. i create some task and when i replay it is shows this error "value cannot be null. parameter name: value"what does this mean? how do i solve it?

  2. Tony Johnson
    February 16, 2010 at 12:44 am


    My name's Tony and I'm the developer of Do It Again. Thank you for this article and review! Google Analytics tells me that 556 people have visited my site from, which is very cool. :)

    Since all my software is free it's reviews and articles like these that really keep me motivated.


  3. Mohammad Kashif Choudhury
    December 12, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    Wow cool app.. Gonna give it a try. Thanks