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Last week we asked readers to tell us what they’d do if OS X stopped allowing non-app-store programs If OS X Stops Allowing Non-App-Store Programs, What Will You Do? [MakeUseOf Poll] If OS X Stops Allowing Non-App-Store Programs, What Will You Do? [MakeUseOf Poll] Read More . Out of those readers affected, Most are going to head to Linux and won’t look back at Apple.

We tallied 452 votes divided like this: 30% voters would jump to Linux; 30% don’t use OS X and therefore wouldn’t be affected; 20% would migrate to Windows; 13% would stick with OS X regardless; and 8% would find a way to jailbreak OS X.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

With only 13% people willing to stick with an un-jailbroken OS X if they only allow app-store programs, we’re hoping Apple never does this to its users.

This week’s poll question is: Do You Hate It When Your friends Use Smartphones When You Hang Out?


James is keen to know whether smartphones use in public annoys you. When you’re out with your friends, does it annoy you when they pull out their phone to check in to the venue or to Tweet? Do they give the internet a running commentary of the jokes made? Do they Google stuff to find details no-one could remember in real life? Do they search for nearby restaurants and gigs worth visiting? Do they invite more friends? Do you find this annoying or useful? Does it interrupt your conversation or does it enhance it?

How do your friends use smartphones when you’re out? Do they find interesting places to go? Invite more people? Or just share the entire encounter with the internet? Let us know in the comments!

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