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This probably has to be one of the best services available on the Internet for kids who go out with their friends or whatever and want their mom to know they reached safely.


Hashtag-mom (#mom) allows users to connect using their Foursquare account and then once you make a check-in, your mom automatically receives a text or a call telling her that you arrived safely at your destination.

Using the service is easy, simple and fun. All a user needs to do is log in using their Foursquare account and key in their mom’s phone number and choose whether she prefers a “call” or “text”. Once done, your account will be set up.

Now, when you go to any place and check-in to the area, just be sure to add the #mom hashtag to your check-in and your mom will automatically get an automated call, or text (as you choose) informing her of your safe arrival at the destination.


  • Never forget to inform your mom.
  • Free service.
  • Call and text both available.
  • Connect using Foursquare.

Check out Hashtagmom @

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