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These days, in order to ensure security for your online accounts, it is normally recommended that you have a very long password, consisting of lower case characters, upper case characters, and special characters including numbers.  But how on earth are you supposed to remember all of these passwords without accidently mistyping some of them when trying to log in?  If you get the password wrong three times, you are locked out. Well, if you use Chrome, then Hashmask may go some way towards helping you out with this problem.

typing  passwords

Hashmask is a Chrome extension where the password field becomes a coloured sparkline of different colours, so you can instantly tell whether or not you are on the right track with entering your password.  The first time you enter a password with this extension, it gets its own unique colour and shape.  Then in the future, while logging into that account, you will supposedly begin to remember the colours and shapes associated with that password, enabling you to get the password right.  Some people may find this useful, others not.  It depends on how good your memory is for colours and shapes.


  • Have each of your online passwords assigned a special coloured shape and colour of sparklines
  • As you type, watch the shape and colours change, depending on whether you are typing the password correctly or not.

Check out Hashmask @ Chrome Web Store

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