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Want to encrypt important data prior sharing or sending it online? Check out the quick encoder app where you can quickly encrypt your text information using SHA1, MD4, URL, Base64, Base85 & MD5 hash functions. You can then take resulting string of characters and email it to anyone you want without worrying that someone else might intercept it. Just make sure to tell the recipient about the site so that he can decrypt the data later.

encode decode Sha1, MD4, URL, Base64, Base85 & MD5

The process is straight forward,  simply enter your data in to provided field and click on the encryption function you would like to use. Same applies for decryption.


  • Encrypt your text data online.
  • Supports SHA1, MD4, URL, Base64, Base85 & MD5 hash functions.
  • No sign up or registration required.

Check out Encoder / Decoder @

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