Hard Drive Prices Begin To Rise Because Of Thailand Flooding [News]

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As large as our world is, industries sometimes converge geographically because of local policy, labor prices, and convenience. Such is the case in Thailand, a place that hosts many of the world’s hard disk manufacturing facilities – and a place that’s recently been struck by tragic flooding.

Because of the floodwaters, companies like Western Digital have had their supply of products drastically cut. Some analysts began to warn of potential price increases several weeks ago, but they are just now becoming a reality.

Western Digital’s Caviar Green 2TB hard drive, available through Amazon.com, has soared from a price low of $69.99 on October 15th to a price high of $149.99 on October 28th.  While some other retailers do still offer the drive for under $100, their number seems to dwindle with each passing day. Other hard drive manufacturers have been impacted as well, which means they too have increased prices.

It’s hard to say when prices will return to normal, as the flooding in Thailand is ongoing and no one knows when the floodwaters will recede. Readers in the market for a hard drive should likely hold off on the purchase and keep an eye on price tracking services and extensions.

Alternatively, this could be a good time to justify spending money on a solid state drive. The flash memory used in them is made at different facilities, so SSD pricing shouldn’t be impacted (and has not been so far). Solid state drives will remain much more expensive per gigabyte of storage than their mechanical brethren, but this turn of events does close the gap a bit.

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If you know of any online places where the prices for hard drives still remains cheap, help out your fellow readers by letting them know in the comments.

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we didnt listen!!

We didn’t listen!!!



So frustrating, I had 4 of these exact drives sitting in my cart on amazon at $69.99 to replace the existing (lower capacity) drives in my NAS. I procrastinated instead of just ordering them and then the price went to $149.99. I should have just ordered them when I saw them for $69.99!!!



the harddrives for my new htpc are now more than the box itself >.>;;


Jack Reacher

Well, let’s just hope that these HDD manufacturers lose their collective ass*s over this.  It serves them right for taking their jobs and manufacturing to some third world country where children earning $1.00 a week are put to work.  I have zero sympathy for these companies.  Yeah, this could happen anywhere… But with economy in the US almost in collapse, these companies need to start thinking about what made them what they are today.  It certainly wasn’t China or Russia who pirate every thing from electronics to douche bags.  Yeah, I’m pissed over this taking advantage of customers over this bogus event.



Corporate greed and profit gouging…pure and simple….these were existing stock items in warehouses, not new manufacture therefore any price rise is based solely on greed.



What’s latest and new news About External Hard Drive
is the price come down
When we can buy



I know what you mean! I was looking at my wish list and had to rub my eyes a couple of times cause I thought I was seeing things! lol… holy cow! $189 for 500 gig drive! lol..

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