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Last week we asked you about the future of brick and mortar stores Are Brick & Mortar Stores Doomed? [MakeUseOf Poll] Are Brick & Mortar Stores Doomed? [MakeUseOf Poll] The recent release of Amazon’s augmented reality app for Android got me thinking again about the future of brick and mortar stores. So what is the future of brick and mortar stores? Will they stay... Read More . It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen such a consensus in a poll, with more than 60% of the votes going to one answer. Which one was it? Read on to find out.

Out of 244 votes in total, 63% think there will always be a demand for brick and mortar stores, 29.5% think real stores will stay around only if they offer an online option, 5% think brick and mortar stores are heading for extinction, and 2.5% voted “other” and chose to elaborate in the comments.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

Judging from the comments, most of you believe in brick and mortar stores and will continue using them to buy food, clothes, shoes and more, at least until a better option presents itself.


This week’s poll question is: How Do You Handle Passwords?


Last year we had a similar poll revolving around the best password manager. Today we want to find out if you even use one. With the boom of online services requiring registration, we all have to choose between risking our privacy with only one password, or using some kind of tracking method for multiple passwords. How do you choose to handle your passwords?

Is there a brilliant method we failed to mention? Tell us in the comments how you manage your passwords, which password manager you prefer (if you use one), and any others related tips you may have,

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