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social curationThere are times when you know you want to put together a collection of photos, articles, tweets, videos and snippets of things from around the web. Maybe you’re brainstorming for an article you’re going to write, following some breaking news, planning a holiday, collecting reasons to support your fundraising cause, or maybe you’re just redecorating your house and need to collect inspiration ideas. Whatever your reasons, sometimes you need a tool which will collect together all of these things visually and let you store the results privately or share them with friends.

Bundlr is a great new curation tool which offers exactly this. Piece together your collection from around the web and then save privately or share as you wish. Bundlr makes the whole process really easy and the results are fantastic.

Get A Bundlr Account

First off, sign up to Bundlr with your Twitter or Facebook login to get started. This will pre-populate your account details for you and make sign-up nice and quick.

Start A Bundle

Start your new bundles here and get creating! Bundlr suggests that to get started you might like to try covering an event, news stories, researching something new or just bundling together your favourite things. Teachers could easily make use of Bundlr in order to collect reading material for a class or for students to present their research to the class. You can create bundles for whatever subject interests you, so allow yourself to be interesting.

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Some of the featured bundles might also give you ideas: Genocide, 3D Printing and Fantastic Buildings Of The UAE.


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Filling Up Your Bundle

You can use a browser extension or a bookmarklet to easily collect video, photos, Tweets, websites and more for your Bundles. Notes can be added to your clips if you want to draw attention to something specific.

social curation tools

Once you get going, you can invite other Bundlr users to collaborate on the Bundle, making group projects and teamwork simple and manageable.

Sharing Your Bundlr Work

Bundlr has made it really easy to get your Bundlr message out to the world. It’s easy to share your Bundles with the world via social media or by embedding the Bundle in a webpage. Being able to embed the Bundles could be really useful for clubs and associations to create a shareable, collaborative list of links to resources which are readily available from the club website.

social curation tools

For the RSS lovers, anyone can follow your personal Bundlr RSS feed or the RSS feed of any Bundle you create. So this gives options to your friends and fans of one of your many passions and the possibility of entering your Bundlr Bundles into your personal lifestream.

Exploring Bundles

You can easily find users and topics that interest you by searching for them on Bundlr. Maybe you’ll find someone who is already working on something you were planning on working on – it might be possible to collaborate on a project instead.

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More Social Curation

It’s true that Bundlr is not the only social curation tool out there. Some great alternatives include Erly Share & Make Fancy Photo Stories With Erly Share & Make Fancy Photo Stories With Erly Throughout the Internet, you and your friends are probably collecting photos, links and videos of things you've done or hope to enjoy. Some of you may blog about your experiences too, thus adding to the... Read More , virtual corkboards 3 Ways To Collect Information Using A Virtual Corkboard 3 Ways To Collect Information Using A Virtual Corkboard Read More , photo collaboration tools 4 Sites for Groups to Easily Share Photos from One Event 4 Sites for Groups to Easily Share Photos from One Event Read More , starting a Tumblr or using any decent social bookmarking tool such as Delicious How to Use Delicious to Organize Your Student Life How to Use Delicious to Organize Your Student Life Read More .

What do you think Bundlr would be best used for? What Bundles will you make?

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