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To say the Internet didn’t take kindly to Sony Pictures pulling The Interview is putting it mildly. The majority of people think Sony capitulated to an unsubstantiated threat far too easily.

We kept a close eye on Twitter in the aftermath of the announcement, and these are some of the best tweets about The Interview, and, in particular, Sony pulling the film to appease unknown hackers.

Sony Pulls The Interview


For those who haven’t been following the story, a little background should help make things clearer. The Interview is a comedy film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco as two journalists sent to assassinate Kim Jong-un, the real-life leader of North Korea.

In November, Sony Pictures’ corporate computer system was hacked Sony Movies Leak Online, Traditional Taxis Are Dying, & More... [Tech News Digest] Sony Movies Leak Online, Traditional Taxis Are Dying, & More... [Tech News Digest] Also, Sony's e-paper watch, piracy in the UK, droning on about Chernobyl, and George Lucas ruins the new Star Wars VII teaser trailer. Read More by a group calling themselves #GOP (Guardians Of Peace). The hackers stole data, much of which has since leaked online. At the time of the original hack, no mention was made of The Interview.

Fast-forward to last week when a badly-written cryptic message was posted online threatening a terrorist act if and when The Interview was shown in movie theaters. Theater chains subsequently cancelled screenings of the film, and Sony had little choice but to pull it completely Sony Pulls The Interview After Terror Threat From Hackers, & More... [Tech News Digest] Sony Pulls The Interview After Terror Threat From Hackers, & More... [Tech News Digest] Also, the BlackBerry Classic brings sexy back, Netflix is never going offline, Yo gets festive, Wikipedia edits 2014, and the best Star Wars Christmas lights ever. Read More .


Much to the annoyance and/or amusement of Twitter…

Roll Over & Die

It does seem a strange turn of events, especially as there is no evidence the hackers are actually capable of carrying out a terrorist act.

Obi Wan Piratebay

Finally, it all makes sense. Release The Interview on The Pirate Bay Why Safe Torrenting Died With The Pirate Bay Why Safe Torrenting Died With The Pirate Bay As far as "popular" torrenting is concerned, the comparative safety that existed at The Pirate Bay is gone, and safe torrent downloads with it. Read More and freedom is restored. Bonus points for using Star Wars as the basis for the joke.

Foreshadowing Furore

Seth Rogen was joking about threats aimed at him for making The Interview six months ago. With foreshadowing this prescient it’s clear Rogen is a better storyteller than anyone thought.

The Hollywood Elite

That’s a pretty good Photoshop job which makes Kim Jong-un look happy to be part of Ellen’s infamous Oscars selfie. Or did this actually happen?

The Harshest Movie Review Ever

I like to think there are a team of North Korean movie reviewers currently posting negative reviews of The Interview on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and elsewhere.

The Stuff Of Legend

This is certainly one idea for how to get the film out into the public domain. There are people who have seen The Interview, and we need them to remember the flick line by unfunny line.

Record Box-Office Takings

I wanted to see The Interview anyway, but I can imagine there are millions of people out there who will now watch it despite not previously having any interest in seeing a stupid comedy.

Private Screening

Kim Jong-un does seem to be enjoying The Interview in this picture, but not half as much as his underlings. It seems no one remembered to bring the popcorn though.

Making Light Of The Drama

There were several tweets making fun of North Korea and its apparent lack of modern conveniences. This one wins the prize for making light of the situation. Badum-tish.

King Stings

Stephen King pulled no punches with his criticism of Sony, eschewing humor in favor of referencing The Satanic Verses. Which is rather fitting for an author of his repute.

Land Of Confusion

I wonder if this is in any way accurate? Is the average North Korean citizen even aware of Hollywood? If not then they will never have had the pleasure of seeing a Michael Bay film. /sarcasm

Censorship Sucks

To be absolutely fair to North Korea and the hackers responsible for this, any movie which doesn’t show Kim Jong-un being killed is probably OK. Which is every other movie ever made.

Invading Our Inboxes

There are people who think this is all one big conspiracy theory designed to boost interest in the film before release. It’s entirely possible, but I personally don’t buy it.

No Moore Transformers

It seems Michael Moore really doesn’t like Michael Bay or what he did to the Transformers franchise. And to be fair he isn’t alone.

The Masterplan

Now that’s a conspiracy theory. A movie about an assassination hidden behind an interview is used as the basis for an assassination hidden behind an interview. Genius.

Killing Kutcher

If The Interview is unpopular in North Korea then Two and a Half Men must really offend them. Then again, it offends me as well. Because it’s unfunny nonsense.

Precious Publicity

The change in tone of the conversation surrounding The Interview has been intriguing to see. People either didn’t care about this film or thought it was in bad taste. But no longer.

What’s Ebola Got To Do With It?

While Mitt Romney’s plan for Sony to release The Interview online on a pay-what-you-want basis is a sound one, donating the money to the fight against Ebola Obama Backs Net Neutrality, Google Fights Ebola, & More... [Tech News Digest] Obama Backs Net Neutrality, Google Fights Ebola, & More... [Tech News Digest] Also, the Microsoft Lumia 535, edit captions with new Instagram update, The Who goes mobile, and the hour-long World of Warcraft documentary. Read More seems a little random.

Liam Neeson Leaks

Wait, that’s a plan. Get Liam Neeson on the case and this whole thing will be sorted out in no time. Team him up with Chuck Norris and North Korea will literally wet its pants.

Kim Jung-un Admits The Truth!

We assume this is the real Kim Jong-un. I mean, there is no reason to believe anything other than Kim Jong-un being a regular user of Twitter. And admitting his guilt. In perfect English. Is there?

What’s Your Opinion On The Interview?

So, you’ve seen what the Internet had to say about The Interview, but what’s your personal opinion on the film itself, Sony’s decision to pull it, or the hackers who began this whole sorry saga? Please let us know in the comments below. All will be read, and all but the idiotic ones will be rewarded with a reply.

Image Credit: Karolis Parfeniukas via Flickr

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