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Have you ever tried to guess whether the author of a piece was male or female? If yes, then your task has been made much easier thanks to a web service called HackerFactor Gender Guesser.

gender determination

HackerFactor Gender Guesser is a free to use web service that determines the gender of the author of a piece of text. All the site wants from you is a piece of text more than 300 words long. The site then runs the text through its algorithm based on a scientific research regarding how men and women write differently. The text is analyzed for formal as well as informal situations and the analysis estimates whether the author is male or female.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you determine whether author of text is male or female.
  • Analyzes text based on scientific research.
  • Separately considers cases of formal and informal writing.

Check out Gender Guesser @ 

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