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symbian hack appsNow why you’d want to do this is entirely your own business, but listen up. HelloOx2 is Symbian hack app that will install a root certificate to your Symbian mobile phone 5 Must-Have Apps for Your Symbian S60 Touch Mobile Phone 5 Must-Have Apps for Your Symbian S60 Touch Mobile Phone Read More and enable the installation of unsigned software. It’s a bit like jailbreaking the iPhone A Newbie's Guide to Jailbreaking [iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad] A Newbie's Guide to Jailbreaking [iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad] Read More . You probably know what I’m going to say next.

I’m not condoning anything that may violate copyright or terms of usage, but these include regular apps, manufacturer-locked apps 9 Free Nokia Phone Apps You Need & Can't Live Without 9 Free Nokia Phone Apps You Need & Can't Live Without Read More and third-party modified software. The installation also includes another Symbian hack app called RomPatcher+ which is used to patch-in your phone’s new features, allowing you to install applications that were never intended for your phone and tinker with system files. If you’re sick of being limited by Nokia’s flagship OS, then HelloOx2 is probably the hack for you.

What Does It Do?

The application first maps a virtual drive and unpacks the hacking files required. Once the file system has been activated, the drive is unmapped and a root certificate is installed. This is the all-important bit will allow you to install what you want. Lastly RomPatcher+ is installed, and your phone is hacked.

The hack is completely reversible by running the application a further time, meaning if you’re concerned you can hack, install your software and unhack your phone to its original state. The software you installed whilst your phone was hacked will continue to function, even after the root certificate has been removed.

HelloOx2 installs a version of RomPatcher+ with two patches ready to go. Running these will temporarily patch your phone, although you will need to re-patch once you reboot. The software contains an auto-patch mode, which will apply patches for you when you boot up if you choose. Handy!


As with all hacking adventures, the software is provided with no guarantees. This means if it all goes wrong (and it really shouldn’t, this is very different to flashing/debranding) it’s your problem, and not the manufacturers. If you were to send your phone back for repair, there’s a good chance you’ll be told to hop, skip and jump.

So How Do I Hack?

Head over to the HelloOx2 website and first check if your phone is supported. There’s a gargantuan list of S60 3rd and 5th generation phones that will hack, including some of the newest on the shelf today. Once you’ve found your phone, check to see if your current firmware is supported.  Once you’ve got those two green lights, you’re pretty much ready to go.

Now for the ironic bit. In order to install the root certificate to an unhacked phone, the HelloOx2 application must be signed first. I know, right? You have two options – you can make a small donation to the application manufacturer and receive your HelloOx2 via email, or you can download an unsigned version and sign it yourself.

The already-signed version comes with email support (albeit in broken English, bless) and costs as little as US$5. It’ll be with you in less than a day, so if you don’t mind paying enter all required details here before making your donation on this page. I can vouch for the site, as I used this method on my Sony Ericsson Satio.

symbian hack apps

If you’re unwilling to pay (and I can see why, given what you’re doing) then the unsigned version can be downloaded completely free here. You’ll then need to use a signing service such as Symbian Signed or OPDA to use the application.

Once you’ve got a signed version ready to go, simply transfer the file to your phone and install. HelloOx2 will install like any other application, and once complete all you need to do is run it. All steps are automatic, and once the process is complete you’re done with HelloOx2. If you wish to reapply or remove the hack, then leaving the application on your phone is recommended.

symbian hack software

You’ll now be able to patch your phone with RomPatcher+. You’re nearly done, but you’ll want to enable Installservice_FP2 in order to install unsigned applications and Open4All_RP+ if you want to gain access to your phone’s full system files with a third party file browser. In order to auto-patch your phone, highlight the selected patch(es) and hit Options and then Add to Auto.

symbian hack apps

Congratulations, enjoy your hacked phone. You are now free to install what you want, when you want and with a third party file browser you’ll be able to access your phone’s deepest recesses. Good luck, and don’t break anything!

Have you tried this hack? Would you recommend it to anyone else? Spread the word in the comments below.

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