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If you are tired of socializing through regular social networks, perhaps it is time to try something unique that gives you a more fun way to get to know others. Such a unique and fun way is provided by a website called Habbo Hotel.

Habbo Hotel is a free to use web service that provides you with an excellent distraction from your daily routine. The web service provides you with a unique way to socialize with other people on the internet – through a virtual world. While regular online social networks let you connect with others through text, updates, images, and videos, Habbo offers an alternative that many people will prefer. The website can be thought of as a game in which you are given your very own characters. In a way, this website could be compared with the popular game, The Sims, in which you have a character which you take care of. You are staying at a virtual hotel with numerous rooms that accommodate other Habbo Hotel users; you have your own room that you can decorate and customize in various ways. ‘Rooms’ also refers to halls and larger areas where characters come to socialize with one another. You will find all types of rooms ranging from nightclub parties to tennis parties.

You can make your character walk around and fraternize with other Habbo users. Simply walk over to others and begin chatting with them. Not only are you able to make friends this way, but you also might be able to find someone special.



  • A user friendly web service.
  • Provides you with a virtual world to socialize with others.
  • Your characters socialize with others in a virtual hotel.
  • Your character is given his/her own room to live in and customize.
  • Different rooms / areas let you participate in different activities.
  • Similar tools: Socializr, Barkles and Planely.

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