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Selling applications, designs, and other digital files online requires you to first set up an online store on your website. This can be a lengthy and complicated process. An easy alternative is offered by Gumroad.

sell digital files online

Gumroad is a web service that lets you put up your digital things for sale. These ‘things’ can be anything from a web app to an icon design. After creating an account you can put up your stuff for sale by naming it, setting a price, providing a URL and description, and optionally uploading a file. A link for your selling page is generated that can then be shared with potential buyers. Viewing and purchase stats of your items are displayed on your dashboard.


Buyers can buy your digital items using credit cards or Paypal. The site takes its percentage and pays the remainder to you via Paypal. Mailed checks in the future are promised by Gumroad.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Lets you put your digital items up for sale.
  • Generates shareable for your item on sale.
  • Lets people buy your items through credit cards and Paypal.
  • Pays you via Paypal.
  • Similar tools: Oronjo, BigCartel, Uploadnsell, Tagito, AppSplit and DataMarketplace.

Check out Gumroad and its pricing details @

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