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Ever since the start of Pinterest, the Internet has been taken over with websites opting to select a grid structured website layout; deciding that it brings more traffic and allows users to navigate websites easily and access stuff they want easily.

grid css framework

The Gumby 960 CSS Grid Framework is a pre-made CSS framework for web designers and developers. You can easily download the pre-made CSS framework and tweak it to your own liking for your website/blog and so on. One of the best parts is the fact that the Gumby 960 CSS Grid Framework – all of the packages – are free of cost.

There are four packages in total: one has 12 columns, the second has 16 columns, and the third is a hybrid with both 12 and 16 columns while the Master package has everything in it (all previous 3 packages).


  • Free popular CSS Grid Framework.
  • Forms, dropdown boxes, tabs and PSD templates – all included in package.
  • Saves plenty of time and money for web developers and website owners.
  • Offers different packages for webmaster’s needs.
  • Simlar tools: Variable Grid System, Grid Maker and CSSDesk.

Check out Gumby960 @

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