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If you are the type of guitar student that looks for guitar tabs online to learn, then you should check out Guitaryst. This app is an online music player and a database of guitar tabs in one – allowing you to play and learn the song while it plays in the background.

learn guitar tabs

This app was made for people who do not want to always be fiddling the keyboard and mouse while trying to play along a song. With Guitaryst, you only need to enter either your online music account or use the search bar to find a song then press start. As the song plays, the guitar tab is displayed so you are not distracted while playing.

Guitaryst currently supports,, and, so that you can play your favorite songs with this tool. There will also be an iPad app and added bass tabs feature to come.


Check out Guitaryst @


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  1. Kilian Valkhof
    December 4, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Just a clarification from the author here: The site doesn't play songs; You do, in iTunes, winamp, rhythmbox, foobar2000 or whatever. and the others services then tell the site which song you are playing, and the site displays the tablature!