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Unlike some of Adobe’s other products, Photoshop does not come with a feature to automatically draw grids. This can be a pain especially if you have to create custom grids over and over again. GuideGuide is a neat little tool that helps you with setting Grids in Photoshop.

Once installed, this Photoshop extension will let you insert midpoints, margins, add any number of rows and columns and specify units or values for your margins. You can find a midpoint not only of your canvas but also between any two objects. Cameron McEfee, the creator of the extension, provides ample instructions on his website for installing and using GuideGuide.

set up grids in photoshop


  • Setting grids in Photoshop made simple.
  • Insert midpoints, margins and rows and columns.
  • Customize size of each item easily.
  • Works on Windows and Mac.
  • Works on Photoshop CS4 and CS5.

Download GuideGuide from

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