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If you have a website, you know how important it is to keep improving its performance. GTMetrix is a web analysis tool that tells you about the exact areas where your website needs to be improved. To start just enter the URL and GTMetrix will generate a report.

The report will show various performance improvement recommendations from Yslow and PageSpeed tests such as Make Fewer HTTP Requests, Reduce DNS Lookup or Put CSS on Top. Each recommendation is assigned a grade and a priority level of high, low or medium. Clicking on any recommendation gives you more details about it and explain why this should be improved.

You can also keep track of these performance reports by signing up for a free account or compare your website with another URL.

website performance improvement


  • Analyze your website’s performance.
  • Get recommendations and grades.
  • See details for each recommendation.
  • Compare multiple websites.
  • Keep track of your performance reports.
  • Recommendations for Content, Server and CSS/JS issues.
  • Similar tool: PageSpeed

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