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If you are addicted to Gtalk but hate to sign into your Gmail every time you need to use Gtalk, this is one extension you will love. Gtalklet lets you use Gtalk even when you are browsing a completely different website. The Gtalklet appears at the bottom right of your screen and can be expanded with a simple click. It also gives you a desktop notification when somebody sends a message and allows you to reply without going to your Gmail.

You can auto-sign in, which means it will automatically log you in as soon as you launch Chrome. You can also change your status, search for contacts, start a thread or log out from your Google account right from the Gtalklet. It is a great tool to stay in touch with your friends without having to go to Gmail all the time.

gtalk in chrome


  • Use Gtalk without logging to Gmail.
  • Stays on top even if you switch tabs.
  • Search for contacts, change status and logout right from the widget.

Download Gatlklet from Extensions

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