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There are numerous websites that share cooking recipes with their visitors. But it often takes a long time before you find a recipe that you like. A solution to this is presented by Group Recipes – a site that lets you members create groups and share recipes with one another.


Group Recipes is a wonderful website that lets you find cooking recipes. If you like, you can use the site like any other cooking website: browse the dishes or find recipes by particular ingredients. Each recipe page includes a detailed list of instructions that fully help you prepare it.

In addition to the traditional features offered by modern cooking recipe websites, Group Recipes lets it members be part of online groups on the site. Members can then share recipes with other group members based on the group title.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you find cooking recipes.
  • Lets you search for recipes by ingredient.
  • Lets you create groups on the site and become part of groups.
  • Group members can share recipes with one another quickly.
  • Similar tools: Cookzillas, Recipefy, ManTestedRecipes, Punchfork, Cooklet and RecipeChimp.

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