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GroupMe is a mobile real-time group text messaging tool that helps you easily communicate with a group of people via text messages on your cellphone. You need to enter your phone number that’ll register you for a free account. Once that’s done, GroupMe sends you a phone number that can be assigned to a group and used for sending text messages.

Friends can be easily added or removed from a group. You could even call that number to start a conference call with your group members. The tool works on all cellphones and is for US only.

mobile group text

You can create any number of groups and each group gets a unique phone number. It also offers various commands on its FAQ page to help you smoothly manage the group texting. It’s free to use but you could incur SMS charges from your provider.


  • Real-time group text messaging service for cellphones.
  • Currently US only.
  • Easily create groups and get a unique number for each.
  • Also do conference calls using the Groupme number.
  • Similar sites: 3jam, Swaggle and NetworkText.

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