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Ever wonder what will happen to your place after a nuclear strike? Then you should bookmark Ground Zero. This updated version of a Google Maps mashup can show you the extent of thermal damage, pressure damage, and nuclear fallout of a strike in a particular area.

nuclear strike map

To use Ground Zero II, input an address then nuke it by using a variety of nuclear bombs of differing strengths. You can also control the wind direction before nuking a place. Clicking on the map marker shows you the details regarding the physical effects of such explosions.

Although getting hit by a nuke is hardly fun, this app is useful for those interested in end-of-the-world scenarios.


  • Nuke any place and see the extent of the damage to that area.
  • Choose from 12 weapons.
  • Control the wind direction before nuking a place.
  • Change the map view to a satellite or hybrid view.
  • Free, no signup is required.
  • Similar tool: NukeoMeter and Impact Calculator.

Check out Ground Zero II @


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