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Groovideo is an online web app that allows users to create group videos. These videos are then shared with friends and family members present on Facebook.

make group video

The website is primarily made for users who want to wish their friends and family members “Happy Birthday” by making a video, and not having to use any special software for it.

Just visit the website and you will need to connect to your Facebook account. Once done, you can choose the friend for whom you are making the video for and also the people you want to “cast” in that friend’s birthday video.

You will then be required to choose a background music clip from a list of given music records, including many dance and pop tracks. You can then record a clip using your webcam, which will automatically be placed in the video along with the video recordings of your friends wishing your friend “Happy Birthday”. Once the video is complete, a link will be sent to your friend on their birthday date.



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