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There are numerous different free streaming music websites on the internet these days, yet not many of them are any good. I recently found Grooveshark, a free, legal online music streaming website, that is largely defined by its large user community.
It is, as well, becoming a hassle to even find good websites that offer music streaming for free, as they commonly have downsides that range from corrupt links to having a terrible user interface. Fortunately Grooveshark is awesome in all these fields.

Grooveshark has two different sections to its website. One regular section of the site (which I will be talking about here) and another feature called “Grooveshark Lite” that is new and is more of a web based streaming service.
Anyway, to use Grooveshark at first, you’ll need an account. Due to their safe user-centered site, as well as their BETA status, you will need to register and wait for a reply by one of their employees, but it doesn’t take long. Once you are in, you have to download their small application – only 771KB – that allows you to actually play the songs, as well as download and upload music.

Playlist on GroovesharkYou can then search for a song using the search bar at the top right. You will get options for “Artists,” “Albums,” “Songs,” “Users,” or “Playlists.” You of course can listen to the song by clicking on the “Listen” or “Save to Playlist.” Grooveshark as well offers downloads for $.49-$.99, which is extremely neat considering the other features of Grooveshark that allow users to upload music to the site and get paid!

To do this, all you need to do is go to “Sharkbyte” on your local computer and select the “Library” tab. Then add a folder on your computer that has music, to the application, and select “Apply.”

Later, the Grooveshark algorithm will decide who makes the money when someone downloads the songs as there are numerous songs that are the same out there. (The only formats currently available for upload are: M4A, MP3, OGG, and FLAC.)

As you grow your playlists, you can share them with others while simultaneously growing the number of friends you have. All of which can be done by searching for users, finding their friends, finding the creator of a certain playlist, etc. Other community-wide features include the option to subscribe to playlists, message people, find fans of a certain song or artist, etc.


A Grooveshark Playlist

A recently added feature includes the option to allow Grooveshark to create a playlist for you, if you feel too much at a loss of energy to click. You simply select the songs you want that are already in your library and then click “Create Mix.” Grooveshark will then find 50 songs similar to it and create a playlist for you.

Grooveshark ends up being definitely one of the top websites out there and most certainly gives an example as to what should be in the online music world.

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