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Grooveshark has had an arduous road when it comes to mobile devices. There was an app available briefly on the iPhone, but Apple pulled it fairly quickly. They moved over to Cydia, and things were great, as long as you owned a jailbroken device. They also had a stint on the Android Marketplace. All the heat from record labels has caused a slew of problems for Grooveshark, but there is no quit in them. They have now recently launched an HTML5 web application that works on a number of mobile devices. Simply point your mobile browser here.

The web app allows users to search Grooveshark’s massive collection of music, select specific “Stations” and browse the most popular tracks on the service. It’s basic, but it has all the major features that a Grooveshark user needs. It is still considered a beta, so I expect there to be more changes and improvements along the way, but for now, it is a fully functioning music player available at your fingertips.

At this point, Grooveshark officially says the app will work on Android 2.3+, iOS, Playbook and Touchpad. They also challenge users to try it on other devices and let them know how it works out.

Grooveshark is under heavy fire from record labels as we speak, so who knows how long they will be able to fight that off. Still, for the time being, this is a great way to get access to music on the go without filling your device’s memory with MP3s.

Source: TheNextWeb

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  1. Danny Stieben
    January 17, 2012 at 5:56 am

    I love Grooveshark! I certainly hope that they don't disappear. It's great that they're still trying to give access to people in as many ways as possible. Amazing service.