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There are plenty of ways to collaborate for businesses. They all offer their own interesting features and benefits, but most of them are not of much use to someone looking to collaborate outside of business. What if you are not looking for a way to work on spreadsheets? Well, in that case, you should take a look at Groopt. It started as a way for sororities and fraternities to organize, and now it’s moving out to everyone.

The best way to think of Groopt is an improved email list. Users in the group can post messages for everyone, to certain people, or to subgroups. This helps keep conversations organized and everyone from getting slammed with too many messages.

large group collaboration

There are also documents and calendars to keep everyone organized. You can set up email and mobile alerts for the group, so you will never miss the action.

Creating a group is free and ultra easy. All you need to do is upload a CSV file and it will help get your group off the ground. If you need a way to keep a large group such as a fraternity, group of friends or sports team together, Groopt is a great option.


  • Collaboration tools with a social twist
  • Free to set up and join a group
  • Post messages to all members, certain members or subgroups
  • Calendar and documents
  • Upload CSV file to get your group up and running
  • Similar tools: AndBang, Conceptboard, CoSketch, Twiddla, Squareleaf, Pindax, and Workhack.

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