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Grocist is a web based grocery list creator that provides you with both interesting and easy way to keep your grocery lists online. Unlike other grocery list services this one works with a barcode scanner. The idea is rather straightforward, first you plug the barcode scanner into your computer and scan the barcodes of any packages before you discard them. Grocist looks up the product’s information from the UPC database and nicely lists items and related information on your list.

grocery list creator

This way you can easily keep track of the foods your like and purchase often, remember what brands to repurchase and quickly print lists when you go shopping next time.

grocery list maker

In addition the site lets you add your loyalty or club card details and have it printed right on your grocery list.


  • Barcode driven grocery list maker and organizer.
  • Barcode scanner is needed (you can buy it on Ebay for cheap).
  • Keep track of products you buy and never forget the brands you like most.
  • Option to add items manually.
  • Print your list whenever you need.
  • Get an RSS feed for your grocery list.

Check out Grocist @

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